Make the most of your one life!

We help women design the life they want. Facilitated micro-communities who meet in person to work together toward their whole life goals.

Rooted in design thinking

A proven approach to creative problem-solving that enables women to tap into the experience, perspective, empathy, and brain power of the group to shape their futures.


Is this for you?

Are you a woman who...

Feels a bit, um, stuck?

Or maybe a bit directionless? Discontented? Overwhelmed? Alone? Uninspired?

Or disengaged, like life is just happening to you?

Is not willing to let that define you?

You want to be proactive, not reactive. You want to explore and grow in your life with the support of other women looking to do the same.  And you want to contribute to other women’s growth too.

Wants to feel...

Clear, inspired, engaged, perfectly imperfect, connected, aligned, creative, confident, resilient, and equipped.

Lives in the GTA

The Golden Goals groups are in person and welcome women who live in Toronto and the surrounding area.


What we believe...

Your life is your most important project

Reaching your potential is the highest work worth doing

A well-designed life is centered on purpose

Great design is always accomplished by a team

It is in women’s DNA to gather and share our mission and goals

Women already have the answers to their deepest questions

Women need time to speak, room to fail, and space to celebrate 

With the right framework, women serve each other as mentors

...and we believe, deeply, that we are all in this together.