Facilitated Goals Groups

Six women meeting in person for deep dive sessions four times over one year with their dedicated Golden Goals facilitator (not a life coach).  


Members share, witness, support, and amplify each others’ goals with ongoing support provided between sessions.


How it works...


Women need a village to do this. 
So we gather 6 women.


—Team approach to life design

—Balance of perspectives and experience
—Always the same six women
—Safe space to share, support, and amplify each others’ goals

Women want a commitment that is not taxing.
So we meet in person 4 times per year.

—Sessions are always in person for five hours

—Weekday and weekend options

—Each group's schedule is pre-set

—Groups meet in each other's (or facilitator's) home

—Groups 'break bread' together 

—In between session support is virtual and flexible


Women need time to define, learn, and iterate on their 'golden goals'*. 
So we commit to meet for 1 year.

—Long enough for change to take hold

—Time to reflect on and respond to life



Women benefit from being guided through a proven framework. 
So we provide an experienced facilitator.


—Teaches a design thinking approach: empathize, reframe, ideate, and prototype

—Focuses the group's time, energy, and ideas


* 'Golden Goals' are the right goals for you. 

Defining 'right' is the work we do together.


Our commitment to you...

We will place you in a group with alchemy that provides you with maximum support. Know that every woman in your group is as committed to the process as you are!  ​

Each group of women stays the same and will have the same facilitator throughout. 

Because meeting in person is at the core of what we do, you will always know session dates in advance so you can plan around them.

Because life happens, if you can't attend a session in person, we will work to create a plan so you can still be included and benefit from it. 

Hosting in your home is optional. Tasha or Kara host so groups always have a place to meet.

If you're not able to pay the full membership cost up front, but really want to participate, we will work something out. 


Your investment...

For one all-inclusive fee of $949*, membership in a Golden Goals group will give you:

4 x 5 hour in person sessions with a dedicated facilitator

A structured curriculum to guide your life design journey  

A team-based approach to life design

A design thinking framework and principles you can apply in all facets of life

In between session support 

Private group communication channel

A growing network and community of women

Investment: $949*

*plus HST; different payment options available​

Nodding your head?