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5 Amazing Benefits of Being in a Goals Group

Updated: Sep 18, 2019

"Sometimes it takes a village to get where you want to go." —Barbara Sher

What is a goals group, you ask? A goals group is a small and supportive team that holds members accountable to the goals they set for themselves. United by a common objective of ‘success’ and ‘growth’ (i.e. they want to achieve their goals - whatever they may be), members of a goals group come together from a diversity of backgrounds and a wide range of experiences.

A goals group is similar to an accountability group, mastermind group, peer advisory group, peer forum, or success team.

Members of a goals group are not working toward group goals. They are each working toward personal goals that may touch on any aspect of life (financial, health, family, friends, work, hobbies). Members tap into the experience, perspective, empathy, and brain power of the group to shape their individual futures and remain accountable to themselves through being accountable to each other. Members of a goals group help each other design the life they want.

There are many amazing benefits to being in a goals group. Let’s look at five of them here.

1. A goals group will help you define the right goals for you.

You’ll spend less time working toward the wrong goals because your group will help you identify the right goals for you. When you say, “My goal is to lose 15 pounds,” your group will push you to go deeper into the meaning, emotion, and motivation behind your first answer, peeling back the layers to reveal the right - or ‘golden’ - goal for you, which might actually be something like, “My goal is to feel vibrant.” Your golden goals belong to you and may be quite different than the golden goals you help other members identify and define in the same way.

2. Brainstorming in a goals group opens up way more possible solutions.

It’s easy to feel stuck when trying to figure out what you want in your life (i.e. what your goals are). And it can be hard to get started. A goals group acts as a ‘liquid network’ of sorts, where members band together toward a common goal of helping each other shape their lives and participate in a free-flow exchange of ideas. Members share their problems or goal obstacles and the group ideates innovative ways to solve them. A goals group can generate many ideas for how you can move toward your goals.

3. Having the support of a goals group is incredibly motivating.

Literature about goal-setting and achieving has much to say about the role of accountability - or being held responsible for the achievement of your goals. Goals groups reframe ‘accountability’ and its negative connotation of judgement as ‘support’ and its positive connotation of celebrating all the little successes and boosting feelings of pride about working towards things that are a priority for you - your ‘golden’ goals.

Having a goals group whose members genuinely care about your success and follow up with you in a consistent and encouraging way is motivating. It’s like having your own personal cheerleading squad. Your goals group will provide all the high-fives you need along the path to achieving your goals.

4. Being in a goals group enriches our own lives and our communities.

In 1727, Benjamin Franklin formed a ‘club of mutual improvement’ called a Junto, a weekly mutual furtherance club made up of individuals with an array of interests and skills. The Junto brought people together, face-to-face, to improve themselves and the world around them. Junto-type groups still exist today.

In a goals group, you as a person, your experiences, and what you want for your ‘one wild and precious life’ are validated and affirmed. To be seen and to belong - and to feel that others truly have your back - is uplifting. A goals group provides an environment of mutual support and enrichment that goes beyond working toward goals.

“[A goals group] brings together these amazing women who are all primed to be a support network, to listen and hold space without any baggage about who you are or what you should do. And they create these amazing mirrors that reflect back a validated version of yourself.” —A.J., The Golden Goals Member

5. A goals group lets you tap into resources the group’s collective experience provides.

Members of a goals group have different skills, perspectives, and experiences. They are ‘radical collaborators’ who desire to learn from, offer, and embrace diverse perspectives within the process of goal identifying, goal defining, idea generation, and solution finding. A goals group can help you reframe your challenges and suggest different ways to see your life and your goals.

Moreover, a goals group allows you to tap into different networks and resources the other members of the group bring to the party. You want to teach art to the elderly? Guess what? A member of your goals group has a friend whose sister runs day programs at a nursing home in the area and would be happy to make an introduction. A member of your goals group can hand you a piece to your puzzle.

“We depend on each other’s dreams coming true… Every time you make someone else’s dream come true it echoes… in practical, wonderful ways.” —Barbara Sher

If you want to identify and define your ‘golden’ goals, stay motivated, feel supported and validated, and tap into the experience, perspective, empathy, and brain power of others who want you to succeed, join a goals group!

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