Some thoughts, wisdom and experience.


Marina shares how a goals group unexpectedly came into her life - and she has witnessed that we all become better/inspired/compassionate when we contribute to a community. 


"I've been part of a Golden Goals process/group for a year now and it has been pivotal in identifying, supporting, giving name to, and living into things I want for myself, my family, my career and my community.


Love this work and these women."



"The goals group Kara founded from a bunch of stressed out moms in a preschool playground has become a foundation for my life. I’ve now built a fiction book and a full-time job on it. And did I mention my husband now does the cooking and toilets in our house? This group gave me permission and language to make personal goals part of the family economy. When five compassionate, honest women tell you it can be done, you believe them. And when one tough woman texts you to ask if you’ve done it, you do it. But I think the most satisfying part of a goals group is being one of those voices for another amazing woman who has art and love and business inside. Oh, no wait. The best part is the guacamole."


"It is difficult to describe the process of actually choosing to deliberately live your life and to chase down dreams. Almost 6 years ago we asked ourselves, what we would do if we had no fear? This process is saying out loud what you know in your heart to be true, or what you wish to be true, and saying it so it can be heard and honoured and supported by a group of women who I feel would have my back no matter how ridiculous those goals are. Women who help me try to live a life of 'oh wells' and not 'what ifs'. These women have become a part of my heart and soul and act as gentle and sometimes hilarious reminders of my own worth. There is no fear here; just the chance at the life you should have."



"I’ve tried working with coaches or mentors, but the fit never really felt right. I realized that what I needed wasn’t so much a coach as a team - a group that could support me while I worked through whatever I was dealing with. Golden Goals fits that need perfectly. It brings together these amazing women who are all primed to be a support network, to listen and hold space without any baggage about who you are or what you should do. And they create these amazing mirrors that reflect back a validated version of yourself, so even if during the conversation I end up talking myself through my own problems, I leave feeling more confident and clear headed about the right path forward."


"Where to begin to describe the life-changing magic of steering your own ship?

This women's circle allowed me to transform an endless and unfocused To-do list of tasks into the architecture of my best life. Together, with these ordinary super-heroes, through sharing our stories, holding space, deep listening, seeing and being seen, networking, trouble-shooting, tears of laughter, grief, and understanding, I feel I've grown a new internal organ.  One that listens to my intuition and desire, filters my fear, and produces in me the confidence, gumption, and trust to follow through with my life goals. I love this community of women and count them as some of my truest friends."

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